California Citrus Brands

The Players

Comprehensive List of California Citrus Brands (Varieties: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin & Tangerine) Can be viewed and sorted by Brand or Name of Packer.
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Following are the abbreviations used on the lists:


G / Grapefruit
L /Lemon
M / Mandarin
O / Orange
O & G / Oranges and Grapefruit both shown on label
O & L or O and L / Oranges and Lemons both shown on label
T / Tangerine


CH / Choice
EX / Excel
FY / Fancy
OR / Orchard Run
PG / Pure Gold
RB / Red Ball
SK / Sunkist
SS / Silver Seal
STD / Standard
XC / Extra Choice
XF / Extra Fancy
XS / Extra Select

Selling Agent

AFG / American Fruit Growers
Arena / A. Arena & Co.
CFGE / Southern California Fruit Exchange (1893-1905)
CFGE / California Fruit Growers Exchange (1905-1952)
Sunkist Growers, Inc. (1952 to Date)
Earl / Earl Fruit Company
GBA / Gold Banner Association
GTCo / Gilbert-Thomas Co.
IND / Independent – Indicates company marketed their own fruit
Latimer / Chas. Latimer
M&G / Moulton & Greene
MOD / Mutual Orange Distributors
Peppers / Peppers Fruit Co.
Peycke / Edmund Peycke
RFCo / Randolph Fruit Co.
RMCo / Randolph Marketing Co.
Speich / F .H. Speich & Co.
Strachan / Strachan Fruit Co.
12/15/1900 or any date shown / Date unknown brand first reported

Index of Western Citrus Packinghouses (with notations & attachments) available late 2015.