1866 to 2017

The Index of Western Citrus Packers,

Processors and Shippers

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This is totally a first! Never before has anyone completed such a thorough, unabridged listing! After more than five years of researching newspapers, citrus magazines, and other documents Thomas Pulley and others have brought to Citrus Roots, Preserving Citrus Heritage Foundation this outstanding work covering a period from 1866 to 2017 ( including 3,965 business organizations); “The Index of Western Citrus Packers, Processors, and Shippers”.


Further, this study or research gave proof that the production of citrus stretched over half of the counties within California, and for decades citrus was the state’s second largest industry. Citrus built communities!

How to use the Index

One can look up a specific packer, and this search will also disclose the approximate opening date, closing date, plus the city, county and state this packer or shipper was located. Not the specific address. (The specific address and other relevant pieces of information are available from another Citrus Roots internal source.) Also, one can search by city, county and state. (In the early years and during the “30s”, in some locations, there was a great volatility of opening and closing. One packer opened and then closed. The next season another operator opened and closed, all using the same building and address. As in any dynamic business sector, there is always change.)

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