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Through Your Donation, We Can Accomplish More

Thank you for supporting Citrus Roots with a tax-deductible contribution. We appreciate your help. Contributions are tax deductable for income tax purposes to the full limit allowed by law.


You can also help by donating citrus labels, citrus related postcards, citrus photos or other citrus memorabilia.


From your generous deeds all donations are deductable for income tax purposes to the full extent allowed by law. This Foundation will send a letter for tax purposes to the donor recognizing the received item[s] without showing the applicable value[s]. Your tax preparer will advise as to the valuation to be taken as deductions.


Remember, each dollar, or “in kind” donation given to us works at 100%…for we are all volunteers [we pay no salaries, wages, rent, benefits, etc.].


Thanks for your consideration.

Citrus Roots contribution for education

Help us build an endowment assisting students with their college tuition. If all give a little, the citrus community at large will be a winner in helping generations!