• Citrus Label Society

    An organization for people who collect and admire citrus crate labels and related art. Meetings are held monthly at locations in Sherman Oaks, Orange and Riverside.

  • Historic Packing Houses

    Packing houses were part of a citrus and produce industry that was at one time a key source of railroad carloadings.

  • O.C. History Roundup

    Information and photos for people interested in the history of Orange County, California

  • Citrus Label Gallery

    Dedicated to preserving and sharing the wonderfull world of Citrus Labels

  • California Citrus State Historic Park

    This 377-acre park located in Riverside, California tells the colorful and far-reaching history of the citrus industry and preserves a vanishing cultural landscape.

  • California Schools' Agricultural and Nutrition Program

    Agriculture and nutrition through cooperative involvements of the CA agricultural industry, educational institutions and community partners.

Citrus Roots

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